english muffins

I made whole wheat English muffins tonight – recipe here – served with turkey burgers, frozen broccoli roasted with salt & pepper and olive oil, and homemade applesauce.  Being on an elementary school schedule means that I get home in time to cook a real dinner!   Advertisements

budget burritos

David and I love to eat at Chipotle and Bell Street Burritos.  But because it’s more frugal to eat in than out, we often create our own Chipotle-style burritos or rice bowls at home.  Beans and brown rice are a delicious, frugal, and easy crockpot meal and are good wrapped up in a tortilla, but […]

quiche cups

I like to have grab-and-go breakfasts, and quiche cups made in muffin tins always seemed like they would fit the bill.  When I’ve made them in the past, however, the egg stuck to the inside of the muffin tin, the small size made it hard to get the quiche out without ripping, and it got […]


I LOVE summertime food. Breakfast: Greek yogurt with agave, almonds, and fresh raspberries from my mother’s garden. Lunch: Hummus and veggies – cucumber, red and yellow pepper, celery sticks, baby carrots, and spinach – plus a juicy sweet red plum. Supper: Going out for dinner with the roomie! : )

Banana Babies

Sometimes I still want to eat when I’m feeling emotional, and Sunday night was one of those times.  I had just finished a long weekend of being a counselor at a summer camp just for kids with a history of abuse and neglect.  When you are part of a normal, healthy family with a normal, […]

Cinnamon Almond Granola

When my flight out of Milwaukee was cancelled yesterday evening, I ended up in a rental car driving all night back to home.  I finally arrived around 5:45 am… Not the best trip ever, but better than being stuck there for another day.  The crazy night meant that my eating and sleeping patterns are all gone […]