I ran 13 miles on Saturday, my shortest long run in weeks.  I’m wondering if maybe tapering is one of the hardest parts of marathon training, mentally.  When you’ve worked yourself up to 18 and 20 miles, a 13 leaves you wondering if you’re doing enough, training enough, preparing enough.  It’s hard for me to force my body to rest.

At the same time, though, it’s nice to have a laid-back run.  I didn’t check my watch, except to see if I was going to be home in time to make it to an afternoon commitment.  I didn’t worry about fueling at precisely the right time – I ate a few Clif Shotbloks when I was hungry, kept myself hydrated, and stopped for a random bathroom break at a park restroom that was open for a softball tournament.  Most of all, I enjoyed just looking around – at the blooming white crabapple trees, at the enormous hawk circling in front of me, at the giant brass turtle ornamenting the trail, at a world that is slowly waking up to spring.

I didn’t even take an ice bath after my run, which honestly felt kind of glorious.  I drank my one percent milk, though.  I’m saving my next ice bath for May 1.  And on May 1 I’m going to drink chocolate milk.


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