Looking Forward

I tend to fall off the bandwagon after big races. Both of my previous half-marathons unfortunately led to a long period of inactivity, and I am determined to avoid the trap this time around.  I started with Hal Higdon’s marathon recovery plan and incorporated more biking/pilates.  The tentative plan looks like this:

So far I’ve completed the first 2- and 4-mile runs.  No knee or foot pain (YAY), but I’m noticing that I feel tired much more quickly and the second halves of these relatively short runs are lots of work.   Hopefully it will get easier as my body continues to recover.

In addition to continuing to hit the trails, I’m setting goals for the rest of the year in order to keep myself motivated.  At this point, I’m thinking:

August: 6-mile race, <54 minutes

October: Atlanta 13.1, <2 hours

Fall: 5K with David… specific race & time TBD

All three of these things sound like fun!!   What are your summer fitness goals?


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