Four Week Kitchen Challenge

I’m moving in four weeks.  I have a kitchen full of odds and ends… one frozen tilapia filet, a box of whole wheat lasagna noodles, a can of chickpeas, two and a half brown bananas, eight ounces of coffee yogurt, a half-used bottle of buffalo sauce, a bag of kidney beans.  I have no desire to move these items when I leave, and I refuse to toss them out.  So…

Meals for the next month must be based on already-obtained ingredients.

I’m allowing myself to buy supplemental ingredients – tonight I purchased basil to go in a pasta dish that included whole wheat rotini, spinach, shrimp, onion, and olive oil (all from my kitchen.)  I’m also allowing myself staples such as fresh fruit and vegetables, greek yogurt, and milk.  Other than that, I’m going to be creative and use up the dry and frozen goods that are hanging around.  I’m excited to use up things that have been on the pantry shelves since we moved here, I’m excited to save money on my groceries, and most of all I’m excited to have one less area of the house to pack up!


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