Summer Mornings

During the school year, when the days are short, I tend to run in the late afternoons when things are a little warmer and I have a little sunlight.   When I ran last week, though, the early summer heat made my runs just a tad miserable, and poor Ella was panting so hard that I didn’t feel like the run was very safe or healthy for her.   So in spite of the fact that I am not a morning person ( …and ok, let’s face it – I’m not a night person either.  David says I am a 9 to 9 person…), I’ve started running first thing in the mornings.

Even though mornings aren’t my forte, there are perks to running first thing:

  • It gets me out of bed … most of the time
  • I get to enjoy that early morning freshness
  • It’s cooler!
  • I can hear birds singing and squirrels chattering
  • There’s less traffic
  • If I’m really doing well, I get to see the sun rise : )
  • I have energy because I’m not starting my run tired from a long day at work
  • My workout is done for the day – no mental struggle after work when I think I’d rather curl up with a good book

I’m easing into my summer schedule with morning runs.  After school gets out I’m planning to add morning swimming  few times a week and more bike riding.

I ran five miles this morning and didn’t have much time to make breakfast when I got home, so I went with this:

Vanilla Greek yogurt, an apple, and raw almonds.  Really tasty and the perfect post-run refuel.


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