My running buddy got hit by a car this week.  She’s ok, now, but things didn’t look so good to begin with.  She broke her leg in three different places; tomorrow morning she’s going to have surgery to put it all back together.  I’ve been assured by my vet-in-residence that she will be able to […]


There’s something freeing about hitting the road without an ipod or a watch or a plan.  This morning I set out on a nearby trail and just kept on going…. When I got home, I ran my route through google maps and found that I’d gone 6 miles! I’ve found that bananas are a good […]


For the first time ever, I have not fallen off the bandwagon after a big race. After I ran my first half marathon, I quit exercising for weeks.  Starting up again was a slow, painful process.  The same thing happened after I ran my second.  It’s a horrible feeling – you work so hard, feel […]

Summer Mornings

During the school year, when the days are short, I tend to run in the late afternoons when things are a little warmer and I have a little sunlight.   When I ran last week, though, the early summer heat made my runs just a tad miserable, and poor Ella was panting so hard that […]